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Wix SEO Wiz Makes Search Optimization a Breeze

Everyone has to start somewhere. When you re a small business owner, you end up wearing many hats. You end up being your own accountant, salesman, inventory clerk and marketer. Part of being your own marketer means that you have to create a website. Building your own website is a challenge in itself, there s an added [ ] The post Wix SEO Wiz Makes Search Optimization a Breeze appeared first on Design Crawl.


Run Your Online Business on-the-go with the Wix Mobile App

The Wix Mobile App One thing is for sure in this day and age: life is hectic. Most of us are constantly going. We are out and about, in business meetings, or we’re in transit to our next meeting. Many business owners don’t have the time to sit down at a desk and run their [ ] The post Run Your Online Business on-the-go with the Wix Mobile App appeared first on Creative Beacon. Related posts: Euclid Free Html5 Template Onsite Vs. Offsite SEO: Which Is More Valuable? Studio Francesca Free Html5 Template

Wix: A WYSIWYG Website Builder For Designers

Why A WYSIWYG Website Builder Is a Good Option Not all designers are coders and not all coders are designers. Don t let your lack of tech knowledge keep you from having your own website. If you want to promote your work, a professional website is the best way to do it. I don t remember the last time I showed anyone my printed portfolio. Most people ask for a link to your online portfolio. Why? Because they can get to know much more about you from your online portfolio, than they would from a print portfolio. A WYSIWYG website builder like WIX will enable you to use your design skills, without having to learn code. It s a Good Intermediate Option A WYSIWYG website builder will enable you to build a website immediately, so you don t have to get up to speed with code before you build it. Don t get me wrong, it s great for you to learn how to code, but the process should hinder your ability to have a website for your business. A WYSIWYG Website Builder is great For Visual Designers If you