Wix: A WYSIWYG Website Builder For Designers

Why A WYSIWYG Website Builder Is a Good Option Not all designers are coders and not all coders are designers. Don t let your lack of tech knowledge keep you from having your own website. If you want to promote your work, a professional website is the best way to do it. I don t remember the last time I showed anyone my printed portfolio. Most people ask for a link to your online portfolio. Why? Because they can get to know much more about you from your online portfolio, than they would from a print portfolio. A WYSIWYG website builder like WIX will enable you to use your design skills, without having to learn code. It s a Good Intermediate Option A WYSIWYG website builder will enable you to build a website immediately, so you don t have to get up to speed with code before you build it. Don t get me wrong, it s great for you to learn how to code, but the process should hinder your ability to have a website for your business. A WYSIWYG Website Builder is great For Visual Designers If you


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